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10-Minute Dinners

This week's meal plan is BONKERS. It's filled with meals that you would swear taking longer than 10-minutes to prepare. But they don't. Pork chops, salmon, Asian salad, shrimp...these meals are insanely flavorful, filling and most importantly, FAST. All recipes are for four adults - so feel free to adjust if you're cooking for two or eight! As always, contact me if you need help figuring out how to adjust. And, I'll say it over and over again. Don't be afraid of leftovers. They make for great lunches the next day. I cook for four people, even though we are only two adults and one small child. Look at it this way, if you cook these 10-minute dinners and make extra you'll have dinner AND lunch ready in less time than you spend on social media looking for dinner inspiration.

Smoked Paprika + Garlic Shrimp with Cauliflower Lime Rice

The menu is below!

Monday: Baby Kale & Gruyere Scramble + Greens topped with Olive Oil & Salt

Tuesday: Asian Cucumber Salad with Roast Chicken & Peanut Dressing (Don't worry, I address nut allergies for this recipe!)

Wednesday: Smoked Paprika & Garlic Shrimp + Lime & Cilantro Cauliflower Rice

Thursday: Bone-In Pork Chops + Summer Tomato & Sweet Onion Salad

Friday: Sheet Pan Salmon + Greens topped with Homemade Ranch Dressing


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