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Easy Eggplant

Are you ready for the easiest recipe ever - that will impress people and make you seem all fancy? I've got you covered. This is a flavor bomb that will surely be a hit - unless you don't like garlic. And if that's the case - I need you to put yourself through garlic training immediately. Because 100% of my recipes (don't quote me on that, but pretty damn close) call for garlic. The eggplant is scored, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder and popped in the oven. And the buttermilk sauce is thrown in a bowl and whisked together. THAT'S IT. This is incredibly versatile. Serve it as an appetizer or a main. As a note, I discovered the sauce recipe on Instagram from @Rossanorusso. Check him out!

Serves 4 adults as a part of a main meal (each adult getting half of an eggplant). Or can serve 8 as an appetizer



-4 large eggplants

-Olive oil



-Garlic Powder

-1/2 cup crushed cashews

-diced scallions


-1/4 cup full fat or 2% plain greek yogurt

-1/4 cup buttermilk

-1tsp lemon juice

-1tsp extra virgin olive oil

-2 pressed garlic cloves


Preheat oven to 400. Cut the stem and end of the eggplants and then cut lengthwise. Then score the eggplant. Score the flesh with a knife, cutting deep into the flesh but not through the skin. Cut diagonal lines going about an inch apart, then turn the eggplant around and cut again so you have a diamond pattern (instructions from The Kitchn).

Generously rub the flesh of the eggplants with olive oil - about 1/2 TBS of olive oil on each eggplant half. Then generously season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Place the eggplants face up on a baking sheet and place in the oven for 35-40 minutes, or until the flesh easily pierces with a fork. The top of the flesh should be golden brown.

While the eggplant cooks, prepare the sauce by combining all ingredients in a bowl and whisking well. Pop into the fridge until you are ready to use.

Once eggplant is finished, remove from oven and let cool for 10 minutes.

Top each half with sauce and then sprinkle with crushed cashews and scallions and serve.


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